Welcome to the mommy network (tm)

this is the mommy network this website is made for the repsresentation of the mommy crowd amd all dem momies around the world, we love all you mommies out here (no homo tho we're not gay mommies that shit gay af ngl)

anyways welcome to the website we hope you enjoy yourself or something idk dude just, like, fuckin mommy around a little bit! have a mommy time, man, we only got so much time on this mommyplanet (tm) so jusy have a really good time..

fukin do heroin or ecstasy or something that shit is good. buy it from the deep web you dont want an fbi man at your house for tryin to get them sweet drugs.. or maybe dont do drugs. drugs are pretty bad and addicting and nobody wants to be a crackhead, plus mommynetwork (tm) and the international society of mommies (ISoM) doesnt support or promote the usage of drugs because they are very bad and also i think telling a police officer that its "ok to do heroin because the mommies said i could so its legal now" i dony think thats an excuse thatll get you out of prison time tbh

anyways hi how are you doing if you are doing good that is epic mommy style moment (tm) and i think you should keepdoing what you are doing because yu are keeping up that good work, us mommies always have your back whether youre having a good day or a bad day, remember when in doubt you havethe mommies believing in you always and forever!! ok mommy? ok.................

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